System Hardware
Premium water spray nozzles, designed for top-tier fire protection systems, ensure the safeguarding of capital equipment in refineries, offshore platforms, power stations, and more. Their high-quality design enhances safety and reliability in diverse industrial settings.
Pressure Vacuum/Relief Valve
The Pressure Vacuum/Relief Valve is designed to be mounted directly to the top of the tank.
Low Expansion Foam Nozzles feature a specially designed body and deflector for optimized foam distribution. The brass body introduces air, fractionating the foam solution stream, which is then distributed by the deflector with angles up to ~100°, achieving a foam expansion rate of approximately 1:5.
POP-UP 20 (DIFFS Nozzle)
The Pop-up 20 is flush mounted into the aluminum or steel helideck surface.
Description Specification
Model POP-UP 20
Material Stainless Steel 316, AI-Bronze, Titanium, Bronze
& available for other materials.
K-Factor 62 - 115
Water Pressure Range 4 - 19 bar
Design pressure 20 bar
Flow tolerance Nominal value ± 15%
Approval MED
Foam/Water Monitor
Description Specification
Model FWM-80 FWM-100 FWM-150
Operating Manual
Material Stainless steel 316/316L, Bronze
Rotation 360 degree
Max. Working Pressure 16 bar
Max. Cpacity 3,700 L/Min 6,000 L/Min 11,750 L/Min
Self Oscillating Device
Description Specification
Model WO-80 WO-100 WO-150
Oscillating Angle 30, 50, 70, 100 degree
Material Stainless Steel 316
Max. Working Pressure 16 bar