Helideck System
On or after 1 Jan. 2020, those items will be mandatory for fire safety system
as required by the International code for fire safe by systems (FSS Code) and SOLAS Ch.II-2.
Helicopter landing area and Helideck shall carry as follows.
Deck Integrated
Fire Fighting System (DIFFS)
  • Skids, designed and engineered to suit all applications.
    DIFFS is turnkey solution for extinguishing fires which can occur on helipads, helidecks, or in a concrete floor for aircraft hangar applications. The systems with deck integrated pop-up nozzles, foam skids and activation panels can be delivered according to the needs of the client.
Fixed Monitor System (FMS)
  • Foam monitors, which can be remote or self-controlled Foam skid unit.
  • Foam making branchpipes
Dual Agent Unit
  • One-man operation
  • Skid-mounted on a structural steel skid
  • Completely self-contained
  • Both dry chemical and AFFF nozzles are equipped with ball shut-off for individual or simultaneous operation
Foam Making Branchpipe
NFA foam making branchpipe is a portable stainless steel branchpipe, design for an optimum combination of foaming and jet range.
The type NFA-S has a built-in foam concentrate inductor.
Description Specification
Model NFA250 NFA250-S NFA500 NFA400-S
Type without self inductor with self inductor without self inductor with self inductor
Material Stainless steel & Brass
Nominal pressure 3 bar 6 bar 4.7 bar 6 bar
Max. throw length / still air 260m 25m 25m 25m
foam admixture N/A 3% N/A 3%
Approval MED
Hose Reel Foam Station
It's a hose reel fitted with a foam making branchpipe and non-collapsible hose, together with fixed foam proportioner
and fixed concentrate tank, mounted on a common frame.
Description Specification
Model FHR-250 FHR-400
Material Stainless steel & Brass
Discharge pressure 3 - 6 bar
Discharge length/still air 21 - 25 m
Discharge capacity 250L/Min 500L/Min
Design pressure 16 bar
POP-UP 20 (DIFFS Nozzle)
The Pop-up 20 is flush mounted into the aluminum or steel helideck surface.
Description Specification
Model POP-UP 20
Material Stainless Steel 316, AI-Bronze, Titanium, Bronze
& available for other materials.
K-Factor 62 - 115
Water Pressure Range 4 - 19 bar
Design pressure 20 bar
Flow tolerance Nominal value ± 15%
Approval MED
Monitor Foam Station
The monitor foam station is fitted with a foam monitor, together with fixed foam proportioner, and fixed foam tank,
mounted on a common fame. The foam tank meeting specific requirements are also provided depending on the client's requirements.
Description Specification
Model MFS-80
Material Stainless Steel, Bronze & Brass
Operating Manual / Self Oscillating Device / Electric
Design pressure 16 bar
Discharge capacity over 500 L/min